7 Super Tips To Help You Save Money On Christmas Gifts

Save Money On Christmas Gifts

Shopping for Christmas gifts is almost a science or even a sport these days. During the holiday season, a common question is “Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet?”

Usually intended as a conversation starter, but for some of us it’s a delicate financial soft spot. Christmas gifts can be so expensive, especially if you have to watch your spending.

Christmas gift giving doesn’t have to be expensive, though.  There are lots of ways to give friends and family gifts that will communicate your love and affection, as well as the thoughtfulness of the gift.

Here are 7 super tips to save money on Christmas gifts, as well as some inexpensive gift ideas, Christmas theme gift basket ideas, gift giving tips and videos.

7 Super Tips To Save Money On Christmas Gifts

1. Save on Christmas gifts by buying during the off-season. You can find great deals for Christmas gifts by shopping at the many sale events that take place between January and November. Search for the best bargains on all your purchases across the year and see what gifts you can get the best deals on your purchases during certain months of the year.

2. Save on Christmas gift-wrap, ribbons and bows, by shopping immediately after Christmas. Many stores have after Christmas sales that offer huge discounts. Make sure to stock up on those!

3. Save money on Christmas gifts by making homemade gifts. People still love handmade gifts because they show how much love, time and effort you put into the gift.

If you don’t know any crafts or you’re a little rusty at sewing or knitting, it’s ok. Craftsy makes it quick and easy to pick up a new craft or bring your existing skills up to date. I totally love these classes because there are always new things to learn and everyone shares such great gift ideas.

4. Save money on Christmas gifts by making your lists shorter. You don’t have to buy everyone a gift. Give couples one gift for both of them as a couple, like a bottle of wine or a set of glassware. Same with neighbors and your extended family. Give family gifts that everyone can use ~ from a DVD to a gift basket ~ as opposed to a single gift for each person.

5. Instead of buying an expensive gift, consider giving a handmade (or store bought) greeting card with some lottery tickets in it. This will cost you between $5-$10 and you’ll still feel like you’re giving a gift. These are great gift ideas for co-workers, the mailman, your hair dresser, etc.

6. Save money on Christmas gifts by giving home baked goods. Home baked goods make delicious gifts and are inexpensive to make. You can make your home baked goods look fancy by adding them to a decorative tin or wrapping them in colored plastic wrap and placing a bow or an ornament on top.

7. Most importantly, save money on Christmas gifts by making yourself a Christmas budget and sticking to it. Plan a Christmas gift list in advance and spend time getting ideas and doing some comparison shopping on line.

I make my new Christmas gift list in the days after Christmas, for the following year. You’d be surprised how much information will be fresh on your mind and useful (did they like what they got this year? what were their favorite gifts that they received?)

Homemade Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are nice, practical and fun gifts

Gift baskets are a wonderful inexpensive Christmas gift and they are so much fun to make. You can find nice baskets at thrift stores or garage sales and then fill one or more with smaller gifts, fruit, candies and top it off with a big red bow.

Don’t think you have to stick to baskets for making…gift baskets. Use laundry baskets, bread baskets, big bowls, pet beds or even a cute garbage can to fill with smaller gifts. That way the gift basket container can be part of the gift.

Have a beautiful Christmas filled with lots of love and joy, good friends and loving family!

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