Christmas Light Storage Ideas For Storing Your Christmas Decorations

Christmas Light Storage Ideas

Christmas Lights Tangle Your Christmas Fun?  You need some Christmas light storage ideas to put the fun back into putting up your Christmas decorations!

How much time do you think you spend untangling your Christmas lights? Putting up the Christmas lights is one of the biggest Christmas decorating activities but it can quickly become video fodder for America’s Funniest Videos!

There’s the outside Christmas lights to keep up with. There’s the Christmas tree lights to untangle. The lights for the staircase. The lights for the fireplace. Oh dear!

And it never fails that once you do all that work and get the lights up at last…and one little light goes out! Oh My!

Check out these Christmas light storage ideas for terrific solutions to your tangled troubles.

Our Christmas Lights Were A Disaster

Christmas Light Storage Ideas

If only you could have seen me and our Christmas lights a few years ago. After I retired, I decided to organize all our Christmas decorations.

It took a lot of work to get it all done because I had been adding to our Christmas decorations for our whole married life ~ about 35 years at the time.

Our Christmas lights were a huge, colorful – and tangled – mountain of lights of different shapes, sizes and colors; some working and some not.

I was determined to take another big step forward in organizing my Christmas decorations.

That’s when I did a healthy amount of looking for some good Christmas light storage ideas.

Clean Out Christmas Lights That Don’t Work

Slowly and painfully, I climbed that mountain of lights; they were so tangled! They slowly spread all over the dining room and our couch as I was untangling them!

Not surprisingly, more than HALF of the strings of lights did not work. Saving any that I could by replacing faulty bulbs, a huge pile of dead Christmas tree lights still made it to the trash can.

So, there’s nothing for it my friends. The job must be done. Especially if like me, it had gone much too long between decluttering sessions.  Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Untangle the lights carefully, checking for frayed wires and missing bulbs as you go.
  • Once you have the string untangled, plug it in to see if it’s working and whether any of the bulbs need to be replaced.
  • If the string doesn’t work, check for missing bulbs or bulbs that aren’t working anymore. With just a few new bulbs, you could have a string of Christmas lights with new life.
  • If replacing missing bulbs doesn’t light up the string…toss it! It could be that wires have broken inside the plastic lining where you can’t see them. Be safe and just toss it!
Christmas Light Storage Reels
Christmas Light Storage Reels; Image by Mike Prosser on Flickr, Commons 2.0

Christmas Light Company Storage Bag RedChristmas Light Company Storage Bag Red

Storing your Christmas lights on reels is quick and easy. It’s my favorite method of storing the lights because it keeps them from getting tangled up.

You can also get more lights stored in a small amount of space. I got two of these Christmas light storage reels and I think I may need another this year.

I like the fact that they’re compact.  I’ve gone my two Christmas light storage reels stored two high and it’s working out great.

Honey-Can-Do SFT-02104 Holiday Light String Storage Reels and Bag, Red/GreenElf Stor Premium Christmas Light Storage Bag and Reels Holds Two 100 ft. StrandsSet of 5 Christmas Light Storage Reels with Red and Green Polyester Zip Up BagTrademark Home Extension Cord or Christmas Light Reels with Bag, Set of 4

Classic Accessories Seasons Holiday Lights Storage Duffel

Holiday Lights Storage Duffel

Being able to keep all your Christmas lights together is a huge plus for keeping them organized. A duffel like this is one of the most helpful Christmas light storage ideas for keeping all your Christmas lights together. Nice!

There are four plastic winders for your Christmas lights, with three movable dividers. Each winder can hold up to 100 feet of large lights or 150 feet of mini lights.

Handles on both ends of the winders make winding easier.

Holiday Wonderland 300-Count Clear Christmas Icicle Light Set

Stock Up On Christmas Lights On Sale

Onward went my project to organize our Christmas lights, lighter by so many tiny lights. But ahhhh, the after Christmas sales! It’s been much easier to replace all those lights a little at a time each year by hitting the after Christmas sales and shopping on Amazon.

I replaced the strings of lights that had been lost to age, and then some! THEN, I made myself put them all away neatly and better organized than ever.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get your Christmas lights organized so that Christmas decorating can be a fun family activity instead of an exercise in frustration.

May The Light Of The Holiday Season Shine Brightly For You!

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