Easy Christmas Ornament Storage Ideas To Save Your Christmas

Christmas Ornament Storage Ideas

Here are my favorite Christmas Ornament Storage Ideas for your convenience.  I hope you find them helpful.

Christmas ornaments are the most fun of all the Christmas decorations, in my opinion. We love to collect Christmas ornaments, make them by hand and give them as gifts.  We commemorate important life milestones like weddings and births and remember lost loved ones with memorial ornaments.

Christmas Ornament storage is a whole other story. Christmas tree ornaments should be stored carefully to keep them from breaking, getting crushed or stained.  The problem is that over the years, we accumulate so many Christmas tree ornaments that it gets a little wild trying to keep them organized and stored properly.  Could you use a few Christmas ornament storage ideas?

How do you store your Christmas ornaments? Up until nearly seven years ago now, our Christmas ornaments were in boxes of all shapes and sizes. Some were wrapped, some weren’t. Some years we couldn’t even find them all.

Finally, I got my Christmas decorations act together and now our Christmas ornaments are safely stored every year. You know what? It wasn’t hard or expensive. I wish I’d done this earlier!

Featured Image:  Cheryl Kohann on Flickr, Commons 2.0

Our Christmas Ornaments Storage Round Up

Christmas Ornaments

Our Christmas ornaments were the first decorations I organized when I started my big project of organizing all my Christmas decorations. Talk about a huge job! We’d been married for 30 years by that point, so we had accumulated literally HUNDREDS of Christmas ornaments.  Oh my!

Our treasured Christmas ornaments were everywhere! I had wrapped some in newspaper and put them in shoe boxes and in old liquor boxes. Some were wrapped in tissue paper; others were not wrapped at all. I had even wrapped some of our ornaments inside fabric Christmas decorations. What was I thinking?  I had NO Christmas ornament storage plan.

Slowly I started going through them. Heartbroken, I had to throw out a lot of broken Christmas ornaments, of course. There were some ornaments that actually belonged to one of my daughters and to my grandsons. I returned those for them to enjoy on their own Christmas trees.

I also inherited Christmas decorations that belonged to my Mother. The memories those Christmas ornaments brought back make me cry every time I see them.  They are especially dear to me, so I want to store them in a way that they won’t be broken or damaged.

Then there were all the Christmas ornaments we had bought or had been given through the years. Holy Reindeer, Batman!

Let me show you my favorite Christmas ornament storage ideas. Hope they make your job easier!

Snapware® 12″ x 12″ Ornament Box, 3 Layer

Plastic Christmas Ornament Storage Containers

As I got a chance, I replaced the big worn out cardboard boxes with these stacking Christmas ornament storage boxes. I use Snapware’s Snap n Stacks for all sorts of craft supplies, so I already knew how perfect the plastic Christmas ornament storage containers would be for our ornaments.

I love how you can add more trays if you need to. They sit neatly next to each other too.

I got two plastic Christmas ornament storage containers to start with and filled them up immediately, so I had to order more trays. In the end, I ordered several more of these Christmas ornament storage boxes to hold all our ornaments. I love them! Not too big for me!

WHITE Luxury Hamper Shred Gift Packaging

Use Acid Free Shred For Extra Cushioning For Your Delicate Christmas Ornaments

I would suggest you use acid free shred to cushion delicate glass or crystal ornaments. This way, you give your treasured ornaments a bit more protection.

Put some in each cell of the ornament storage box before you put the ornaments in the cells and then lay the ornament over the shred. Put a little more shred over the top of the ornament for extra cushion. The more you can keep them from moving around, the less chance there is of breaking them.

Using acid free shred keeps the shredded tissue from staining the ornaments like newspaper would.

More Christmas Ornament Storage Containers

In the end, I also filled 4 of these Christmas ornament storage boxes with our huge assortment of ornaments. Can you believe that? I told you I love Christmas ornaments and have gazillions of them.

I especially like the dividers because they’re removable and you can fold them flat if you’re not going to use them. I was able to store some Christmas linens in one of them by taking out one of the dividers.

Unbuffered Acid-Free Paper For Storing and Preserving Precious Quilts, Textiles, Linens

Unbreakable ornaments can go in with no shred or tissue, but for my glass, crystal and otherwise very special ornaments I also use the acid free shred in the little cells and I wrap those ornaments in acid free tissue.

I used acid free tissue paper to make little square ‘pockets’ and put my oldest and most delicate Christmas ornaments in them. I just folded rectangles of the paper into squares and wrapped them around my ornaments. Nothing special.

Then, I put the little bundles into the ornament storage box where I’d already put some acid free shred in each of the little cells.

You don’t have to do this with all of your ornaments unless you really want to give them a little extra protection from scratching, but it’s not expensive and you can keep reusing it every year.

Christmas Ornament Storage Ideas On eBay

Never underestimate the quality of the Christmas ornament storage ideas available for sale on eBay.  There are so many versatile storage ideas available, I’m sure you’ll find just what you need.  The trick is to snap it up before someone else does!

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  • These are really awesome ornament organizers! I, too, have hundreds of ornaments and having protective boxes certainly helps keep them safe and clean.

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