Christmas Wreath Storage Ideas

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Christmas Wreath Storage Ideas
Merry Christmas by Benjamin Reed on Flickr, Commons 2.0

Christmas Wreath Storage IdeasChristmas Storage Solutions To Simplify Our Holidays

Every year beginning about 5 years ago, I’ve been decluttering our Christmas decorations, replacing worn or broken items and adding new ones.

Before putting everything away, I researched the best storage solution for that item, considering my needs, preferences and well, the accumulation of Christmas decorations…specifically wreaths in this case.

Let me show you some of the Christmas wreath storage options I am using and you let me know what you think in the comments.

Featured Image:  Homemade Christmas Wreath by Chris Jones on Flickr, Commons 2.0

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention for Christmas Wreath Storage Ideas

I have several wreaths and naturally – they are different sizes. That makes for a bit of creative planning when storing my wreaths and all my Christmas decorations.

There are Christmas wreaths that I use on my outer doors and wreaths that I use in the house. I enjoy making them, so there’s usually a good rotation going every couple of years. The ones I don’t want anymore are donated to my favorite animal, homeless and women’s shelters for their use or resale.

Over the last 40 years, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks for storing my Christmas wreaths and I’ll share them here with you.
Elf Stor Premium Red Holiday Christmas Wreath Storage Bag

I have all kinds of Christmas wreaths in my Christmas decorations stash. I still have the Christmas wreaths I used to put on my office door when I was working.

Some wreaths I bought, some I made (crocheted). For the smaller wreaths, I use these wreath storage bags for 24″ wreaths. They’re also available for 30″ wreaths too.

The handles on the bags are a handy way to hang your wreaths if you have a space where they can be hung. Hanging is a great space-saver when you can manage it. That’ll help save some space on shelves.

Just remember that these are soft-sided bags and the descriptions I read don’t say anything about the sides being reinforced to protect your wreath. You can remedy this by cutting out some cardboard rings to keep the bag from collapsing and crushing your wreath, if you like.

Elf Stor Supreme Canvas Holiday Christmas Wreath Storage BagElf Stor Deluxe White Holiday Christmas Wreath Storage BagHousehold Essentials 30-In Circular Wreath Storage Bag, Red TrimChristmas Wreath Storage Bag


Christmas Wreath Storage Ideas
Button Christmas Wreath by The Shopping Sherpa on Flickr, Commons 2.0

Christmas Wreath Storage Ideas

There are so many kinds of storage bags and boxes out there for storing Christmas wreaths, that I thought I’d share some tips for picking out the type of storage solution you need for these Christmas decorations.

Get a bag or box that will fit your Christmas wreath snugly. You don’t want to crush your wreath, but you don’t want it flopping around inside either. Measure across your Christmas wreath and use that measurement to pick out the right Christmas wreath bag or box for your wreaths.

How you plan to keep your Christmas wreaths will help you decide what kind of storage solution would be best for you. Some of the hard plastic wreath boxes can be stacked for easy storage. A plastic wreath storage box keeps your wreath from being crushed in case other stored items fall over it.  I especially like clear wreath storage solutions, so I can easily tell what’s stored where! Wreath storage bags can be hung from the ceiling or on the wall, too.

Holiday Wreath Storage BoxIRIS Wreath Storage Container

Use a disposable camera and clear photo sleeves to label your wreath storage bags or boxes so you know which wreath is in which bag/box. If you get double prints, you can add the location information to your Christmas Holiday Planner Notebook.

Disposable Kodak Camera 3 PackUltra Pro 4 x 6 Soft Photo Sleeves

Before storing your wreath, lay tissue paper along the bottom of your storage choice, leaving a big portion outside. Lay your wreath on the tissue and cover the wreath with the extra tissue. This is just some additional protection against dust. I do this with my handmade wreaths and just leave the tissue in the box so that I can use it again.

How to Store Christmas Decorations : How to Pack a Christmas Wreath

Another Wreath Storage Tip

These Christmas wreath storage ideas aren’t just for Christmas wreaths. Use the storage ideas on this page to store your Spring, Summer and Fall wreaths the same way to have them last a good long time.

As I recall, several of my wreaths were showing their age and wear when I went through and decluttered my Christmas decorations. Being a crafter, I made it a point to salvage the craft picks and other materials I could use to make some new ones.

I’m delighted with the results of my newly organized Christmas decorations, especially my wreaths. I was pretty tired of looking at the trash bags I used to hang them in and I hated trying to fluff up the wreaths that were crushed.

We Wreath You A Merry Christmas!

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